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Minimum 2 people and at least 1 adult per reservation. Groups of maximum 20 people (every half hour).
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COVID-19 Security Regulations


Make the previous reservations through our website Limited groups every 30 minutes.
If you have symptoms or are in contact with someone who has, you cannot do the activity.


Avoid crowds. You must arrive on time or 5 minutes before. Lateness entails the loss of the refund and the transfer to stretch 0.
Always keep the minimum distance of 2m.
You have to come prepared from home (shower and changing rooms are closed).
Required: Safety mask, T-shirt and footwear that can get wet and preferably hold the ankle well.


Kayaks, paddles and lifejackets will be disinfected with each use.
Client access is prohibited in the equipment disinfection area.
The safety distances between kayaks must be respected.