About us

If you have got a taste for nature, enjoy outdoors’ activities, want to feel close to nature, admire breathtaking landscapes, or looking for the thrill of adventure …. You will find plenty of opportunities enjoying a kayak descent on the stunningly beautiful River Ter!

Let yourself be seduced by the lush vegetation, the quietness and the relaxing feeling you will experience. The water is much warmer than sea water, there are very few mosquitoes (yes! hardly any!) and the bank forests offer a feeling of coolness. It is an easy activity, absolutely safe and funny, as well as family-friendly, suitable for couples and people of all ages. There is just one requirement; you must be able to swim!

At Kayak del Ter we are a company which pursues adventure travel and eco-friendly tourism committed and solely focussed in Kayak or Canadian canoe descents on the River Ter. The company was set up in 2008 with the aim of boosting the awareness of our surroundings in a fun and active way. Our main objective is also to awaken the need to value and protect the biodiversity which surrounds us, our stunning wildlife.

Kayak Ter, committed to respect for the environment:
Therefore, our kayaks and canoes are made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, lifejackets are recyclable foam and waterproof bags come from recycled materials.  Kayak Ter is looking for suppliers that can guarantee compliance with these features in their production.
We  take special care at bird’s nesting periods  as well as other species which live and breed not far from the River Ter. That’s why two of our sections are closed to the public from March 15 to June 30.
With the same commitment to respect for the environment, we maintain and control the banks and river bed. We also clean up the river from plastic and waste brought by flash floods and flooding and clear logs which could interfere with the kayak descent or the free flowing of the river. We offer countless opportunities to enjoy these eco-friendly activities without causing any harm to the environment.

We offer three descent stretches between Girona and Verges and descents combined with cycling, hiking, segway, bird-watching routes.

You’ll find us at 30 minutes from the beaches of the Costa Brava. The descents explore several stretches between the counties of the Gironès and Baix Empordà, areas of outstanding scenic landscape included within the Biological Corridor Life-Nature European Project and described as Site of Community Importance (SCI) within the “Environment Network 2000”