Type of kayaks

Kayak del Ter has a fleet of two types of vessels (canoes) fully equipped and in mint condition: kayaks and Canadian Canoes.


A kayak is a long, narrow boat which can hold three or four people, 2 or 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. Kayaks are very stable, their hull is quite flat and it is pretty common to get wet when you paddle down the river. They are moved by a paddle with two blades.

The original kayaks were developed by Eskimos following the exact measures of the person who had to use it. In their society, children were not allowed to use them until they were of age. In a ritual way, their families built their own kayak once they reached such age.

Nowadays, there are as many types and designs of kayaks as uses you can make of them: calm waters (rivers, lakes, reservoirs), rough waters, extreme kayak, sea kayak, etc.

At Kayak del Ter we use the Rotomod Optimo model.

Canadian Canoe

Canadian canoes are a little bit bigger than kayaks, are stable and you will hardly get wet because their hull is taller. They can hold 2 or 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.

We only use Canadian canoes for Stretch 2, from Sobrànigues to Colomers. It is the stretch where waters are more stagnant thanks to the XVI century lock of Colomers.

At Kayak del Ter we use the DAG Canada model.

Paddle surf

Our paddle surf are made of polyethylene and are designed for initiation. We use the Rotomod model.