At Kayak del Ter, we provide 3 types of equipment: kayaks, canadian canoe and stand up paddle board (SUP).


We offer 3 types of kayaks: individual, doubles or triples.
They are very stable and self empyting.

Types of kayaks:
· Kayaks doubles/triples: 2 or 3 places (for all ages). Without backrest.
· Kayaks with backrest: with 2 backrests for the paddlers (one at the front and another at the rear).
This kayak can accommodate 2 adults and a child in the middle.
· Individual kayaks: For 1 person. They have a back rest incorporated..


The Canadian canoes are a little larger than the kayaks.
They are more stable and you hardly get wet.
They can take 2 or 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.
Single or double paddles are provided.
We use the Canadian canoes on the Discovery route (an easy route), or on route 2, from Sobrànigues to Colomers.

SUP Paddleboards

Our paddle boards are made of polyethylene and are suitable for beginners.
They are used on the Discovery route (an easy route) or for route 2, from Sobrànigues to Colomers.
kayak-1-blue kayak-2-blue kayak-3-blue canoe-blue SUP-blue
1. Colomers - Verges
2. Sobrànigues - Colomers