How to book

During the low season, from September 15 to June 30, reservations will be made by the contact form in our website.

During the high season, from July 1 to September 15, they will always be done through the website, following the steps below:

Go to "What we offer?" section

It’s scrolling down a bit, on the main page.

You will also get there through “Our services” in the top menu and the banner on the main page.

Choose the activity you want to do

Hover it with the mouse and you will see a small summary with some characteristics of the activity.

When you click on it, you will go to the activity page and you will see a complete description.

Activity page

You will find:

1 – Description of the activity and how it works, what you will find there, for whom it is most recommended, etc.

2 – A box with different tabs: summary of the main features, a price table and a map of the route. Below this, you will see some images.

3 – On the right, the booking calendar.

Booking calendar

Make the reservation in the following order:

1 – Enter the number of people who will perform the activity. There are three types:

– Adults: People over 14 years old.

– Teens: People between 7 and 14 years old.

– Children: Under 6 years old.

To do the activity there must be at least 2 people (one of them an adult).

2 – In the calendar, choose the day you want to come. The days available are in blue.

When you select the day, the available hours will appear below.

3 – Choose the time of the activity.

There is a maximum capacity of 30 people per strip.

A text with the available places may appear. If any text appears, it means that there are no reservations already made for that time and all places are available.

4 – Choose the other features.

They depend on the selected activity.

Here you will have to choose the number of boats (for each type) and the rental hours in the case of the activity “Discovery”.

Just enter the number of boats you want. Example: If you are three people and you want a single kayak and a double kayak, type “1” in single kayak and “1” in double kayak, leaving the other options blank.

Some options have an extra cost (indicated in the same text).

5 – Booking

Press “Book now” to go to the checkout page.


1 – Fill the form with your personal details (necessaries to process the reservation): Name and surname, telephone number, country and email.

There is an additional space in case you want to comment any aspect of your booking, for example that you will come with a dog, or one of the participants has special needs.

2 – Select the payment method. You have three options:

– Cash payment, which you will make at the Kayak del Ter’s base on the day you come to do the activity.

– Payment by Paypal.

– Payment by credit card.

3 – Place order to complete the reservation.

If you have chosen to pay with Paypal, the website will redirect you to the Paypal website, where you will carry out the operation.

The same goes for the credit card payment option, which will redirect you to your bank’s website, where you will carry out the operation.

We won’t ask you for your credit card / Paypal account details under any circumstances.
If you receive an email supposedly from Kayak del Ter asking for this information, do not reply.

Confirmation Email

You will receive an email – at the address you provided in your personal details – with the booking confirmation.

If you have paid for the activity (with Paypal or credit card), you will also receive payment confirmation email. This may take a few minutes.

If the date of the activity is approaching, and you have not received the confirmation email, contact us to check that the reservation has been made correctly.

Depending on the settings of your Paypal  or your bank account, you may also receive a payment confirmation email from them.

* NOTE: Some users receive confirmation email and payment confirmation email in multiple languages. We are aware of the problem and we are working to fix it. If this happens to you, delete the unnecessary emails and keep one as proof. Sorry for the inconvenience.