COVID-19 Security Regulations


Make the previous reservations through our website Limited groups every 30 minutes.
If you have symptoms or are in contact with someone who has, you cannot do the activity.


Avoid crowds. You must arrive on time or 5 minutes before. Lateness entails the loss of the refund and the transfer to stretch 0.
Always keep the minimum distance of 2m.
You have to come prepared from home (shower and changing rooms are closed).
RequiredSafety mask, T-shirt and footwear that can get wet and preferably hold the ankle well.


Kayaks, paddles and lifejackets will be disinfected with each use.
Client access is prohibited in the equipment disinfection area.
The safety distances between kayaks must be respected.

Activity Development


Booking online

All reservations must be made online at

If you are a large group and the day you want to come there are not enough places available , call us and we’ll try to make room for you!


Front desk

Meeting Point

The meeting point is in Colomers, one of the best preserved villages in “el Empordà”.

There is a car park (unguarded) where you can leave your car.

Go to the front desk to pick up your reservation.

Be on time!

Front desk

Getting ready

Training and equipment

A monitor will hold a beginners’ lesson on paddling and basic security measures.

There we will equip you.
See below the equipment that we provide and what you have to bring.

Getting ready


Like a fish in the water!

The monitor will drive you to the river, which you will descend at your own pace.

While descending, you will enjoy the river and its wonderful natural surroundings.

Depending on the selected itinerary, it will take more or less time to complete the route.


Coming back

Back to base

Depending on the itinerary, there are several possibilities.

· Itinerary 1 (ends downstream, at the Verges bridge): We will pick you up with a vehicle, or you can return riding a bike (if you book the activity Kayak + Mountain Bike).

· Itinerary 2 (ends at Colomers): We will have taken you upstream with our vehicle, so going down the river you will reach the base.

Coming back

Main Rules

In order to do the activity, you have to follow those security criteria:

Know how to swim

15 Kg - 120 Kg

(33 lb - 264 lb)

Equipment provided


Fitted life-jackets are provided and must be worn at all times.


We also provide dry-bags to prevent personal belongings from getting wet during your trip.

What you need to bring

Tight footwear

Flip-flops and sandals are not suitable. Tight footwear must be worn in order to avoid loosing shoes in the river.



Biodegradable sunscreen


Drinking water